Game Cheat 247

Since online games were first created, there have been online game cheats. Online game cheats change the game play in various ways, some allowing players to alter what their character or the map looks like, while others can be used to gain an advantage over other players. There are several different cheats for different online games, each online game cheat doing something different. These are cheats primarily for video game lovers, not users who are gambling USA players. links gamers to a plethora of different online game cheats that they can utilize at their own discretion.

The most common forms of online game cheats are "bots." "Bots" are user-made programs that serve various purposes, depending on what kind of "bot" is downloaded and used. Some are made to auto-level a character to the game's maximum level, while others can be used to gather gold or rare in-game items. Another kind of bot is a kick-bot, which is software that allows players to remove other people from the game, "kicking" that other person's character offline. A spin-bot changes the game itself, rotating the screen and making it more difficult for someone to play. Anti-aim bots make it hard for players to target and attack certain characters or objects.

Latency hacking is something that allows a player to disrupt the game for everyone but themselves, by making the servers feel as though they are severely lagging for everyone but the person who executes the hack. A latency hack can look as though it is just a latency jag in the server, causing characters not affected by the hack to look as though their animation is clipped, while everything else is slowed to a crawl and sometimes does not seem to move at all. Someone executing a latency hack wants to gain advantages that they would not have been able to have under other circumstances.

Wall hacking is another very popular kind of online game cheat, which enables players to see through objects that they should not be able to- such as a wall, rock or other solid game texture. This can be advantageous because a wall hack allows the player to change game textures so they can see when another player or enemy is approaching, or even where a special item is located. Wall hacking does not completely alter the game's textures, so much as allow players to add transparent holes to the game's environment in general.

Scripting happens when a player uses another program to create automatic events or actions in a game. This is not always considered cheating depending on what the player has scripted- but some scripting is cheating in online games. This can be shooting a weapon much faster than average, increasing a character's speed, defense or attacking power, or any number of things that can be changed within a game's script. Some scripts force other characters to carry out certain commands, such as using a suicide or log-off command. This cheat is one of a few that can be altered in virtually any way, which means that a player who knows how to script events can even cause a game server to crash depending on what they decide to make all the characters do at once.

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